Advances in Food Processing Challenges for the Future


Luis Madi, ITAL, Brazil

Luis Fernando Ceribelli MadiLuis Fernando Ceribelli Madi is a scientific researcher at the Institute of Food Technology in Campinas, where he also holds the position of the Institute´s General Director. Mr. Madi has a master´s degree in Food Packaging from Michigan State University, USA, and graduated in food engineering from Campinas State University, Brazil.

He is currently a director at the Department of Agribusiness at DEAGRO-FIESP, a member in the State of São Paulo Council for Science and Technology (CONCITE), member in the State Council of Research Institutions of the State of São Paulo (CONSIP), coordinator for the Forum of Directors of the Research Institutes of the State of São Paulo, member in the Municipal Council of Science, Technology and Innovation and a member in the City Council for Rural Development in Agribusiness in Campinas.

Mr. Madi has served as an international coordinator for ONUDI at the Packaging Center in Mexico, consultant in the Field of Packaging for OAS and ITC, board member at the International Association of Packaging Research Institutes, president of the Brazilian Association of Technological Research Institutes, member of the Consultative Council of the Brazilian Innovation Funding Agency of the Brazilian Ministery of Science and Technology (FINEP), and a member in the governing council of the CNPq.

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